On My Honor


In light of the recent news out of the BSA, I am deeply saddened and disappointed with the new membership standards. Not only is it silly and inconsistent, it is both abhorrent and repugnant. In the time I spent in scouting, I was always taught that a scout was brave; not afraid to do the right thing rather than the popular thing. We did our duty to God, not political correctness. Emphasizing being morally straight, the scouting program was about sharpening one’s outdoor skills and building character instead of conducting social experiments and bowing down to liberal utopists.

The vote had nothing to do with equal rights; we all know that much. Individuals already have the right to start their own organization with their own membership requirements. It is unequivocally and undeniably about destroying anything and everything that is good and decent. For over a hundred years, the BSA has taught young men to be self dependent, upstanding citizens. Just like the Liberal Secularists have destroyed the military, they have sought to destroy another quintessential American institution, the Boy Scouts of America, and in due time (mark your calendars) , they will be successful.

In Canada, when homosexual scouts were permitted to join in 1998, membership declined by over 50%. This will likely become a reality in the US. The BSA already is calculating a 330,000 net loss. Recently, a BSA sex scandal was revealed and involved nearly 2,000 counts of homosexual child abuse. This will become the new norm with a Heritage Foundation study projecting new trends of rampant “boy on boy” contact during camping trips.

Although I am proud of my scouting experience and I hoped it would be around for my children and grandchildren to enjoy, it becomes clear that this is not the same organization it used to be; another organization destroyed; surrendering to the homofascist agenda. Unfortunately, I didn’t leave the boy scouts, this time the boy scouts left me. In the end, the BSA decided to sell out every single value it ever held as well as the scouts of the past, present, and future, all for the almighty dollar.



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