Robert Small, A Hero

We must call EVIL by its name when we see it, unabashed and unafraid; for all it takes for EVIL to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Not to act is to act, not to speak is to speak. Robert Small spoke up to protect our children. As a result, he was manhandled by the neo-fascist police state of The People’s Republic of Maryland, handcuffed and slammed into a wall; so hard it can be heard on the videotape. Today, because he had the courage to dissent to what amounts to an attack on our children’s minds and souls, refusing to be a government lemming, he has been brought up on assault charges, carrying a penalty of a decade in prison and a $2,500 fine. Additionally, he faces another $2,500 fine for disrupting a school-sponsored event; all for exercising his God given rights secured by the Constitution. I would expect this in North Korea or Hitler’s Germany, but not in this country; just goes to show that Common Core is so EVIL that they will destroy anyone who disagrees with it. This man must be held up as a hero and we must stand, arm and arm, with him; lest we continue down this road. May God have mercy on the soul this nation.

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